Our story

Erzsebet Szabolcs & Danka Toth

Our story

Malinko was founded in 2018. The goal that brought us together was the desire to do something for a sustainable future, as designers. We are committed to conscious design. Our motivation is to create products for you, that can be recycled.

All of our products are created with care, in Budapest. We put great emphasis on minimizing waste and reducing our ecological footprint during each stage of the production process. We work with pure, chemical-free materials, such as vegetable-tanned leather and 100% organic textiles, which do not harm the environment nor your health.

Our inspiration

We aim to make long-lasting, loveable, and comfortable products, that can be part of your everyday life. We would also like to inspire people to become conscious consumers and lead an environmentally friendly lifestyle themselves. We are inspired by observing people and their habits walking around the city, so that we can make sure that our products truly match your needs.


Choosing the right materials is one our top priorities. We work exclusively with high quality, durable materials, which are completely natural and chemical-free. We believe that materials are the most beautiful in their natural color. This is why we keep them that way. We only use organic and inorganic materials in a way that allows them to be recycled.


What really makes Malinko products unique are the wooden pieces used as closing parts of bags and other accessories. These wooden pieces are designed and developed completely by us. They do not just give an exciting look for our products but also fun and easy to use.


We only use chrome-free, vegetable-tanned leather in our products that do not harm the environment nor your health. During this tanning process only tannic acids are used that can be naturally found in some plant species. This method ensures that the leather stays clean from harmful chemicals and it also keeps its natural texture and quality. It also enables the leather to mature with use.


The material of our textile bags is made from fiber that do not contain any synthetic paint or other harmful components. The textile we use is a mixture of linen and cotton. It gives a strong, durable and crisp material for our bags, while linen also makes our textile products water repellent.

Our textiles are GOTS certified

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